MXR Phase 90

Be aware! Great sounding tone sucker!!!

The MXR Phase 90 is one of my favourite effect pedals… the problem is that it is an evil mean tone sucker when switched off… I had many tone suckers before, but this one is really brutal. It’s the last non-true bypass pedal on my board and I only connect it when I really need it.

If you consider buying one of those, make sure you have a solution for this problem, because it can severely alter your tone to the worse… 

Fender Blues Jr.

Fender Blues Jr.

My Junior is upgraded with a Celestion G12M (Greenback) and a minor tone-stack modification. The speaker upgrade, really made a great difference. The stock speaker high end was very unpleasant and I wanted a speaker with clear high end and less focus on bass, since the cab is very small. I strongly recommend that speaker for blues and jazz lovers.



MJM London Fuzz

MJM London Fuzz

The MJM London Fuzz is a high quality Germanium fuzz pedal, great for classic early 60′ fuzz tones, early Hendrix, early Floyd sounds. This pedal is very dynamic and responds to the guitar volume greatly. If you consider getting one, you should know that it is very sensitive to buffers, low quality cables and any interferences in the signal chain! I suggest to connect it straight to the amp on first use, just to make sure you listen to it’s true tone, otherwise, you might conclude that the pedal doesn’t sound good… I retired two non-true bypass pedals to make this pedal happy, but the reward was worth it!

The lead guitar in the following track was recorded through the following chain:

G&L Legacy HB bridge into MJM London Fuzz, into OCD overdrive, into an edgy Marshall DSL 401 miced with SM57, into a DBX 386

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